Water Treatment Plant/Shellbrook Project

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 PARWU WTP & Distribution Line to Shellbrook


Project Overview

The Shellbrook Steering Committee is charged with investigating the feasibility and executing a project involving the funding and building of a proposed Water Treatment Plant.  The proposed Water Treatment Plant would be near the confluence of the Shell River and The North Saskatchewan River.  Furthermore, would involve installing a pipeline through the RMs of Buckland and Shellbrook to the Town of Shellbrook.  This would service approximately 1000 households and businesses with potable water along the pipeline, and in Town of Shellbrook in addition to current PARWU subscribers.

The Town of Shellbrook, RM of Shellbrook, and Prince Albert Rural Water Utility (PAWRU) have been working together to investigate the potential of a Water Treatment Plant (WTP) and pipeline to Shellbrook.  In the summer of 2021, the completion of a feasibility study proved the project was an achievable goal by Atana Management Inc. 

Since the feasibility was identified as achievable, the project has been broken down into key components which focus on specific areas.  The first key component is the engineering for the Process Treatment Pre-Design, Detailed Design, and River Water Sampling Analysis of the Water Treatment Plant.  The design for the Water Treatment Plant was awarded to Associated Engineering.  The pre-design for the WTP is to be completed in early 2023. 

The second component in the project is the Pipeline Hydraulic and Sizing Engineering, which focuses on the pipeline to Shellbrook and PARWU’s existing system.  This component was awarded to Pinter & Associates Ltd in December of 2021 and is to be completed in May 2022. 

The third, and one of the more complex components of the overall project, is the design and engineering for the North Saskatchewan River Crossing.  A Request for Proposal (RFP) outlined the key elements required in the planning of the Horizontal Directional Drill (HDD) under the river which includes a field investigation, geotechnical exploration, and tender ready documents for its completion.  After a thorough review and recommendation from PARWU’s Project Manager, Steve Irving, the River Crossing RFP has been awarded to Associated Engineering (AE).

The most recent component of focus for the project is the regulatory requirements for aquatic habitat, environmental impact, heritage resource impact assessment, site evaluations, and the duty to consult.  The RFP was awarded to Canada North Environmental Services (CanNorth).  They will begin field assessments and stake holder engagement this spring.


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