Prince Albert Rural Water Utility (PARWU) was initiated in 1992 with a vision of having safe and adequate drinking water for rural families and businesses South of Prince Albert.   In the spring of 1993, a Steering Committee was formed by residents to rally support and make their dream a reality.  Members of the Steering Committee worked to gain the support of their neighbors and community. The committee members knocked on doors and held various meetings to encourage support.

Finally, on February 10, 1994, the Prince Albert Rural Water Utility was formed by bylaw through the Rural Municipality of Prince Albert.  On November 22, 1994 an ‘Agreement to Provide Water Service’ was signed with the City of Prince Albert. 

The contractors began in early 1995 with Phase 1 (A), which included the first 23 connections.  Those connections we completed on June 15, 1995.  The utility started Phase 1 (B) before the completion of Phase 1 (B) on June 6, 1995.  It went down Hwy 11 past Clouston, and to Red Deer Hill Road.  The main pumphouse and 4 booster stations, Ridge, Royal, Fenton, and Tower booster stations were all encompassed in Phase 1 of the project.  In December of 1995, the PARWU board bought the utility's first property, King’s Tire, to build their first pumphouse which is the Main Pumphouse.  

The momentum continued for the desire to have a steady supply of good quality water for rural customers in the RM of Prince Albert.  On September 5, 1996, phase 2 of the project was approved during a board meeting to proceed with the preliminary design and pipe sizes.  Phase 2 of the project went down HWY 302 East, and to subscribers on both sides of HWY 3 South.

The official Grand Opening of the Prince Albert Rural Water Utility occurred on October 20, 1995, at 3:00 pm.  It was a proud moment for the pioneers who had the initial vision to be able to provide rural customers with fresh drinking water.  Recognizing the need for organizing the first quarterly billing began in December of that same year.

Phase 2 of the project began in early 1996.  The success of the water utility was noticed by citizens North of Prince Albert in the RM of Buckland.  The desire to have the ease of water to your property and not having to haul water or maintain a well had them approach the PARWU Board.  An open house was held on October 23, 1996.  60 landowners signed up for a future project.  After a few more town-houses and public meetings were held in the RM of Buckland.  On June 23, 1997, at the PARWU board meeting, a motion was passed to move ahead with a project in the RM of Buckland.  That phase was initiated as Phase 3 and encompassed a pipeline from North of Prince Albert that continued up to Spruce Home and the subdivisions in between.

In early 1998 MacDowall and HWY 302 W showed interest in connecting to the water. There were multiple town hall meetings held over the next couple of years.  On May 1, 2000, planning came to fruition and the project got under way.

In the last 20 years, there has been a steady increase in subscribers in the 3 rural municipalities.


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