AS OF 9:00 a.m. Thursday October 12, 2017

Please be advised the PDWA issued to a portion of the Prince Albert Rural Utility (PARWU) is rescinded effective 9:00 a.m. October 12th 2017, as per receipt of satisfactory bacteria sample results. PARWU has taken all necessary steps, and operations are safe and back to normal.

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Once again we thank your for your patience and understanding.


As of 9:00 a.m. Wednesday Oct. 11, 2017

We have confirmation that the lab has received all of our water samples from the line repair on Friday.  We should receive the results by late Thursday afternoon.  Thank you for your patience and understanding.


Friday October 6, 2017 1:30 pm

We completed the repairs to the Osborne Road line.  Unfortunately the line did depressurize and the Water Security Agency has issued a Precautionary Drinking Water Advisory.  Please see the link below for the area that is affected.

Map of area affected PDWA Oct 6, 2017

PDWA issued by Water Security Oct 6, 2017


Friday October 6, 2017 9:30 a.m.

We are repairing a water line leak on Osborne Road. We are unaware of the extent of the leak and whether there will be a Precautionary Drinking Water Advisory issued from Water Security. We will keep you informed as work progresses.

Update of Subscriber Information on File

Recently we have been calling Subscribers to book upgrades when we are in a specific area.  A lot of our information has become outdated due to people switching to cell phones only and disconnecting their land lines.  If you have made this change it would be greatly appreciated if you could update your information with our office.  You may contact us by emailing or by calling our office at 306-764-6200, if it is after hours just leave us a message. Thank you for your co-operation!


About Us

w007In 1993, a Steering Committee was formed to consider installing a water pipeline south of the City of Prince Albert that would ensure a safe and adequate water supply for rural families and businesses.

On February 10, 1994, the Prince Albert Rural Water Utility was formed by by law through the Rural Municipality of Prince Albert. In 1999, the Utility expanded to the R.M. of Buckland; the R.M. of Duck Lake joined the Utility in 2000. The initial project included 125 subscribers south of the City and today we have over 1000 subscribers. Our service area spans from North of the City to Spruce Home, South to MacDowall, West to the 3rd Meridian and East of the City to the Nisbet Provincial Forest and includes the Muskoday First Nation.

Each property owner who decides to connect to the system pays an initial charge to cover their share of the construction costs. The property owner is also responsible for their own in home cistern and pump to balance supply and demand. Subsequent charges are based on a flat fee plus the volume of water used, like most other utilities.


marvinbyrne016 marvinbyrne014

Prince Albert Rural Water Utility names Pumphouse on Highway 302 East after Long Time Area Resident

On the evening of Wednesday, July 15, 2015 the Prince Albert Rural Water Utility held a ceremony to name its pumphouse on Highway 302 East, the Marvin Byrne Pumphouse in recognition of his many contributions to his community.

Over the years, longtime resident of the Rural Municipality of Prince Albert from the Stanleyville area east of Prince Albert, Mr. Byrne has been a huge volunteer and community supporter. Amongst Mr. Byrne’s contributions to his community are the following: one of the original members of the Community Pasture; a member of the East Central School Board; a leader in the East Prince Albert 4H Beef Club; an active member in the East Prince Albert 4H Light Horse Club; one of the first members on the Prince Albert Co-op Association and; a member and supporter of the Wheat Pool. Mr. Byrne served in World War II from 1941 to 1945 signing up with the RCAF before his 21st birthday and continues to be involved with the Royal Canadian Legion. Mr. Byrne was instrumental in erecting Veteran’s Memorial monuments at both the Steep Creek Church and the Colleston Church to honour all area veterans of past wars. Mr. Byrne has volunteered his time to maintain the Stanleyville Cemetery for well over 50 years. Mr. Byrne has also been involved with many sporting activities – curling, horseshoes and softball.

The Byrne homestead has a proud history back 128 years with Marvin’s Grandfather Charles Byrne starting the homestead in 1887. Marvin and his wife Mary have worked together for 68 years, built their farm and raised their 5 children. The Byrne family farm continues as a mixed farming operation. Marvin always encourages and proudly supports his family in all their chosen careers and sporting endeavours.

In response to the dedication of this facility to the recognition of Mr. Byrne, his family stated, “It means a lot to us to see him being recognized in this way. We have always known how committed Dad has been to the area. He has always worked hard to make this a better place and it’s nice to know that others see this as well.”